Robert Castillo, Brennan Harvey, Mike Resnick

(left to right) Illustrator judge Robert Castillo, winner Brennan Harvey, and Writer judge Mike Resnick.

Writers of the Future 1st Place Trophy

Brennan Harvey, First Place, 1st Quarter winner of the 2010 Writers of the Future

September 3, 2015

So, last weekend I attended the Writers of the Future Writing Workshop. I know what you're thinking... it's strange that someone who won the Writers of the Future contest, and attended the one-week long workshop, would pay to attend such an event. Well, attending it actually alligns with a couple of my writing phisosophies:

  1. The idea of supporting organizations/people who have helped me in the past.
  2. The idea of meeting new and upcoming writers.
  3. The idea that I learned what I needed to yesterday, and I will learn today what I need to learn today

So, how did this workshop meet my goals?

  1. Only Galaxy Press and Author Services can answer the first one.
  2. I met a bunch of new writers, reconnected with a few I knew from other organizations, and personally met some "friends" I'd only known via facebook or twitter. Well worth my while. And, seeing all my supporters at Galaxy Press and Author Services was enjoyable, as it always is. I think I was featured in more pictures this time than during the whole week I attended the workshop in 2011. The are a wonderful group of people.
  3. I learned/relearned tons of stuff.

On learning, imagine a week's worth of lessons compressed into two days. That's how intense this workshop was. I was not interested in self-publishing five years ago when I first attended the workshop, so the Winner Twin's talk covering that was enlightning. I re-read all of the essays, which were review sometimes, but there was a lot I missed the first time I read them.

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