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24th WOTF Awards Ceremony

The 24th Annual L. Ron Hubbard Achievement Awards for the Writers and Illustrators of the Future Contests was not as large as last year. It was held in a meeting room at Author Services, unlike last year when it was held outside at Cal Tech. There was no air conditioning at either place, though.

I was especially impressed with the Illustrating Gold Award winner. She was completely overwhelmed and moved to tears. It’s refreshing to see someone so truly humble win.

I also got to meet Stephen Stanley (from the forum) and spoke with K.D. Wentworth. She’s an amazingly sweet woman and answered a couple of my dumb questions with grace. I really appreciated that, as well as everything else she does for the contest.

I also noticed that there seemed to be an unusually large amount of Australian accents in this year’s speeches. Perhaps those people from Down Under are turning Science Fiction on it’s head? Anyway, the Writing Gold Award winner was an Aussie. He got a blue trophy and a red trophy.

I decided last night that I want to win both of those also.

– Brennan Harvey

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