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“Bravo Tunnel” Receives Honorable Mention from WTOF

I just got my rejection letter for “Bravo Tunnel” from the Writers of the Future Contest. Apparently, they are no longer calling “Quarter-finalists” by that name. Instead, you receive an “Honorable Mention.” I wonder where I will be mentioned so honorably! I saw on the WOTF Forum that they did this because there was some confusion about being a finalist in the quarterly contest and being a quarter-finalist in a quarterly contest. Go figure. So, after seven quarters, one conference, and two critique groups, I have not progressed as a storyteller at all. Sad news indeed.

On the other hand, I got my finalist award from the fourth quarter, 2004. Yes, 2004. And my name is spelled wrong. Perhaps Brendon Harvey is a much better writer than I am.

– Brennan Harvey

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