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“Cradle of Life” Published by Ten Thirty-one Books

Cradle of Life by Brennan Harvey
Cradle of Life
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My first novel, “Cradle of Life” came out on August 1st and is available for purchase exclusively on

It’s publisher, Ten Thirty-one Books, has this to say:

Cradle of life is a dystopian novel where women are conscripted to have children by a desperate government, similar to Margaret Atwood’s “The Handmaid’s Tale.”

Male children are no longer being naturally born. Genetically engineered food inadvertently created a virus called MAPIX that destroyed the male birth rate. Evelyn Jones learns that she is a two-in-a-million person who is not infected, even though eleven years ago she tested positive for the virus.

The Repopulation Project, a government-run program whose mission is to breed male children from MAPIX-negative subjects, drafts Evelyn into service. Evelyn endures medical procedures and the injections necessary for in vitro fertilization. After Evelyn’s embryo is implanted, she panics when she finds out that something nefarious may have been done to her baby when the Compound orders an unprecedented abortion for Evelyn.

Evelyn escapes, but will the Repopulation project find her before she gives birth?

I couldn’t be more proud to have my novel up on Amazon.

– Brennan Harvey

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