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New Story for WOTF

I sent out my current manuscript to the Writers of the Future Contest this morning. Unfortunately, it is an anonymous contest, so I cannot tell you the title, my name, my character’s name, their dilemma, the location, the theme, or anything else about it. How is that for frustration?

     “I finished a story!”
     “What’s it called?”
     “I can’t tell you.”
     “OK, what is it about?”
     “I can’t tell you that either!”
     “But you wrote it?”
     “Oh, yeah!”
     “But you can’t say anything about it?”
     “No. It’s a secret.”

Maybe I can say something in a few months.

I have to say that I feel pretty good about this one. That being said, you might want to keep a copy of this post. If I lose or anything, I’m probably going to change it to say, “Yeah, I didn’t really think it was up to my usual quality of work.” We writers are such guarded people.

Wish me luck!

– Brennan Harvey

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