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One Drawback of Being Published

I recently got published. The book is a small, independent press number, written for a very select group, the “Gulf Coast Writers Association.” The book contain stories about Mississippi, geared toward southern customers. Book signings are being held in places like Biloxi and Mobile. A very narrow audience.

I never thought the publication was a big deal. Small press, small group. Although I was very proud of the publication credit, I didn’t get too excited about it. Who would notice such a book, other than the family and friends I decided to share it with?

Surely not my ex-wife from fifteen years ago.

But, two days after I pulled that little book out of the mailbox, I got an e-mail. I didn’t recognize the name attached or anything. At first, I thought is was a random person, who read a random story, and wanted to thank the author. Then I thought it was some kind of scam, like the e-mail that wanted to give me a prince’s fortune–if I would supply a little information. Then, I realized–she had tracked me down. I LITERALLY read the e-mail twice before it hit home.

I love irony, but not when it hits so close to home.

– Brennan Harvey

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