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SFWA Nebula Awards

Okay, I’m not usually star struck but I was certainly impressed with this weekend’s Nebula Awards Weekend. It started off when this distinguished gentleman offered his hand while I was eating breakfast. His nametag read Robert Silverberg. Yeah, that Robert Silverberg–Damon Knight Memorial Grand Master! While he was speaking to others at the table, I noticed another name badge on another person that read Mike Resnick. He’s a personal hero of mine. I introduced myself later that afternoon, but he excused himself rather quickly. Fans can be a bit of a bore I guess.

The highlight of the weekend was when I was introduced to Connie Willis–I couldn’t gather the courage to introduce myself. I’d wander near, then chicken out at the last minute. I’m not usually star struck, but I was so flabbergasted, at first, that I could barely form the word, “Hello.” After a couple of minutes, her warmth and charm helped me feel comfortable. She and her daughter were so nice, and I feel my life is a little more complete having met them in person. Thanks Connie, and thanks to your daughter, Cordelia, also.

– Brennan Harvey

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