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Tag: Charlie Knight

Charlie Knight is a childish, unprofessional editor. in this article by Editor’s Quill, (, Charlie Knight hits most of the danger signals they warn you about. Your mileage may vary, but here is a sample of what she did with my manuscript.

Big changes to characters and plot like:

  • Adding or deleting dialogue
  • Changing your characters’ personalities, goals, and motives
  • Deleting or adding scenes
  • Changing your plot and story (A huge red flag)

Writers should disagree with changes editors recommend, and we will talk about it. If your editor can’t explain why you should make the recommended changes, then he’s not skilled or he doesn’t care. The first time I challenged Charlie Knight on my manuscript, they flat out quit. That was after I sent her the final payment that she requested .

After she quit, she went on a twitter tirade to make me look bad. Unprofessional, to say the least. Childish at best.