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WOTF Musings

I guess my complaining has changed things over at the Writers of the Future Contest. I was trying to find out where “Honorable Mentions” would be mentioned, and they decided to post them on the blog. Here is my announcement. I have to admit, I was getting a little frustrated with WOTF’s treatment of non-winners, but it looks like they may have turned this around. Joni e-mailed me yesterday and asked about a replacement certificate for my finalist entry, 2nd Quarter 2004. I told her I was also eligible for a certificate for the Honorable Mention. She said she would get them both in the mail on Monday. If they got my name right on the web site, then it should be correct on the certificates, right? I’m excited about this contest again!

Unfortunately, I don’t have a story for this coming quarter. I’ve been working on EVE320. I wonder if I could drag out “Oasis” again and tweak on that. K.D. said she skips documents that don’t seem to have a SF/F element early in the story. This one doesn’t. I could probably change that. Hmm. It would be awesome if EVERY SINGLE story I submitted to the contest was recognized. That’s the only one that hasn’t.

– Brennan Harvey

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