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“In the Service of Aliens” Published by Ten Thirty-one Books

In the Service of Aliens by Brennan Harvey
In the Service of Aliens

My Novelette “In the Service of Aliens” has been published by Ten Thirty-one books. It is available on Amazon in ebook format.

If you have been following my blog posts, you know that this story was a finalist in both the Writers of the Future contest and for inclusion in the Destination: Future anthology.

Norma Hollister has travelled to an alien planet to avoid her controlling father. He independence leads her to become an important leader in the Leefan’s religious society.

Prior to an important ceremony the Leefans chose her for, her father reappears in her life. He forbids her to participate in the life-changing ceremony.

Will Norma bow to her father’s demands, or has she grown enough to defy him.

– Brennan Harvey

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