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Joshua Essoe, Cowardly Preditor/Predator

Joshua Essoe (no link provided, on purpose) sicced his business partner after me with an e-mail that started off, “This is going to be a serious email.” He then proceeded to tell me off, criticize my negative experience with Joshua Essoe (documented in my Joshua Essoe Editor post,) and insist, “The ethical thing is to let it die.” He even called my post “libelous.” Well, I have the e-mail trail with Johsua to back up my entire experience with him. It’s all true, whether Joshua Essoe or his business partner likes it, believes it, accepts it or not.

Joshua Essoe is a predator/preditor.

Everyone needs to know this, so I will repeat it. Joshua Essoe is a preditor/predator. The fact that Joshua didn’t contact me directly with his own “serious email” indicates that he’s a coward as well.

Joshua did not complete the work he promised. At 60% complete, he demanded more money to complete his editing work. I assume he needed the extra money after he missed work because of “con crud.” I also assume he thought he’d get that extra income from me. He didn’t.

He didn’t get any extra money from me.

What he did get from his action is a negative review. He needs to accept that his behavior toward me has and will continue to have negative consequences. It was a predatory move by someone who markets himself as a Professional Editor. I don’t take well to that kind of abuse. How many of you here would accept the gaping hole in their checkbook, then swallow the insult and walk away. I’m guessing not many. I certainly won’t.

Joshua Essoe is not a professional, does not act professional, and did not treat me professionally.

I’m surprised that Joshua’s business partner blamed me, the victim of Joshua’s actions. It’s like blaming a woman who was raped. If she hadn’t worn those clothes, went to that place, worn that lipstick, talked to that guy, etc., it never would have happened. I guess his business partner believes that if I hadn’t talked to Joshua, hired Joshua, believed Joshua, trusted Joshua, etc., I wouldn’t have gotten preyed upon.

Blame the victim mentality is wrong. I wonder why Joshua Essoe’s business partner didn’t tell Joshua, “Don’t prey on unsuspecting writers.” That could have been a “serious email.”

As for reviews, I doubt Joshua’s business partner isn’t writing “serious emails” to the people who praise Joshua’s editing work demanding, “The ethical thing is to let it die.” My experience with Joshua Essoe was true, honest, and horrible. I’ll repeat that, HORRIBLE. My non-recommendation for Joshua is just as acceptable and honest as any other person’s positive review. It simply indicates that Joshua wasn’t horrible to them.

I’d never send “serious emails” to those positive reviewers, simply because I didn’t like what they said. Why did Joshua’s business partner believe he could do that to me? What did Joshua offer him to make him attack me?

I have no problem praising people I have good experiences with. Check out my Facebook page. It’s teeming with recommendations for people who do quality work. People who act professionally. People who don’t send their partners to try to censor me.

Joshua Essoe didn’t do quality work for me. He preyed on me. My review reflects that. The sooner Joshua realizes this, the sooner he might stop these practices. The sooner his business parnter realizes this, the sooner he will censor Joshua, instead of blaming Joshua’s victims.

The sooner you learn about Joshua’s techniques, the sooner YOU can make an intelligent decision about hiring an editor.

– Brennan Harvey

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