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Musings and a New WOTF Story

There is something uniquely satisfying about hitting the enter key twice and centering the words, “THE END” at the end of a manuscript. I finished the first draft of my Writers of the Future Contest entry. Now comes the fun part–polishing it up, handing it over to my critique group, making it good, and sending it off to WOTF.

I would like to thank Paul Comstock over at the WOTF blog for turning me onto a wonderful web site. It’s called Advanced Fiction Writing. I have not explored all of it–it seems like mostly a marketing web site. However, tucked away in some of the nooks and crannies are essays and articles that are aimed smack-dab at me and my level of writing. I recommend you head over there and see if you can find an article or two that addresses your needs.

– Brennan Harvey

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