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Writer World Problems and One Solution

I have found my writing groove again. After I started working in Marina Del Rey, I was finding it hard to write. So hard, that I didn’t do any writing at all during the whole month of January.

The deal was, I used to get up at 6am, start work at 7am, work until 4pm, then head home for dinner. Then I would write in the evenings, usually 2 or 3 hours a night.

However, my new work schedule, 9am to 6pm–combined with a commute–killed my evening writing time. I still got up at 6am and left at 7am, but now I didn’t get home until after 7pm and sometimes 7:30pm. I couldn’t find any time to write.

So, I tried something different. I started getting up at 5am and leaving at 6am. This did one great thing for me. It knocked 1/2-hour off of my morning commute. So far, I have not had a bad commute morning yet. <looking around for wood to knock on!> Now, I have almost two hours to write in the morning. Plus, there are two Starbucks and a FedEx Kinkos nearby my work place, so I have the Internet for research. This is working fantastically! I am one day, maybe two from finishing the first draft for the next Writers of the Future Contest entry.

My advice is, find what works for you, then do it. That goes for writing, or anything else.

– Brennan Harvey

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