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Science Deniers

One of the people I am friends with on Facebook wrote something particularly disturbing today. He equated the efforts of environmentalists trying to save planet Earth by limiting CO2 emissions with Hitler’s attempt to save Nazi Germany by killing six million Jews. I was shocked to read this.

I’m somewhat relieved though. If people are going to ignore science (on both sides) and instead, throw out ridiculous analogies like this, then I have no desire to discuss scientific evidence with them. I find this liberating, in a way. I no longer have the burden to explain my reasoning for believing the Earth is in trouble. It wouldn’t do a bit of good. I fully understand that now.

I really don’t care which side of the Global Warming debate you are on, as long as you are willing to discuss it rationally. Equating it with the holocaust isn’t coming from “left field,” it is standing in the “parking lot” inhaling charcoal fumes.

– Brennan Harvey

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