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The Truth, From a Lie of Convenience Submitted to WOTF

I submitted my latest novellette, “The Truth, From a Lie of Convenience” to the Writers and Illustrators of the Future Contest. Before I sent it, I thought it was the 10th submission I had submitted, but it only turned out to be the 9th (over 6 years.) I don’t hold out much for this story, as the plot could happen today, rather than hundreds of years in the future. I only put a futuristic bent on the setting to make it SF.

I guess I should pound out another one soon, but I have my hand dipped into a screenwriting class at Orange Coast College that starts Jan 30 and need to start my 3rd novel in 2010 sometime. The class is taught by Raymond Obstfeld, author of Novelist’s Essential Guide to Crafting Scenes which I read a couple of years ago.

– Brennan Harvey

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